Serving CA certificates on the cheap

Part III of HAWA series -- how to cheaply (in terms of resources) serve my homegrown Certificate Authority certificates. Especially since the webserver is typically used ~once per device.

Extracting data from Goethe Zertifikat B1 Wortliste pdf

A long-ish story how to use Linux command line utilities to pull off PDF data extraction that seemed impossible without brute-force.

How to recover deleted files from Google Drive

A highly non-intuitive workflow that will save your bacon if you empty Trash in Google Drive.

A love letter to the DataHand class of keyboards

A brief look at my use of DataHand keyboard, its benefits, and what's next down the pipeline.

Running traefik in a less braindead way

Part II of HAWA series -- how to run a reverse http proxy that autoconfigures based on live containers, without compromising your host.