Putting an old digital clock (with an outdoor thermometer) on steroids

I'm upgrading an old digital clock with an outdoor temperature sensor (that broadcasts over 434 MHz) to a custom temperature measurement source – a (set of) Ruuvi Tags.

Yamaha YAS-207 vs. Shairport Sync over TOSLINK

In this post I talk how to wire together the remote control for YAS-207 and Shairport Sync, on a Raspberry Pi with a TOSLINK output.

Yamaha YAS-207's Minimal Client (and a Soundbar Fake)

In this post I talk about a path to a minimal Ruby-based client (and a soundbar fake for testing).

Yamaha YAS-207's Bluetooth protocol reversed

In this post I'm going to (finally!) dive into reversing the protocol. Start to finish.

Yamaha YAS-207's Bluetooth protocol: first real progress

Finally I'm getting the bluetooth communication dump. Watch me automate the process. Failboats included free of charge.