License / attribution

Let’s set the record straight, I – Michal Jirků (née Šafránek) – run this website. And when I occassionally post something, I speak only for myself; not on behalf of any third party.

All content is under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, unless stated otherwise.

About the website

I, the author, aspire to be “Jack of many trades, hopefully master of some.” And along the road I try to document whatever takes my fancy at the time. I think the tags explain it better than I could with prose.

And while I hope the articles on this website are somehow entertaining/useful to you, gentle reader, their other purpose is to act as an external memory of sorts.

Because – much to my surprise – I’m human. And that comes with a very disturbing trait: things get swapped out of memory quickly, often never to return. And especially those not recorded on some durable storage1.

About the tech behind this website

Not that you necessarily care, but the latest incarnation of this site runs on Jekyll, with somewhat modified Tale theme, which I shared as a GitHub fork (and continue to modify there).

About the author

Currently working as a teeny tiny N+1 cog in a huge machine, and living in the Canton of Zürich, Switzerland.


Here’s my email address:

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|x|(("a".."z").to_a+%w[@ .])[Integer(x,2)]}.join+$/)

Or: simply search for a PGP key with id 0x8911469b691a16d4 that has a fingerprint CC15 927C 8B00 1927 15EA E5C0 8911 469B 691A 16D4.

And if neither is an option, then perhaps:

 b:::::bbbbbbbbb            ooooooooooo        xxxxxxx      xxxxxxx
 b::::::::::::::bb        oo:::::::::::oo       x:::::x    x:::::x
 b::::::::::::::::b      o:::::::::::::::o       x:::::x  x:::::x
 b:::::bbbbb:::::::b     o:::::ooooo:::::o        x:::::xx:::::x
 b:::::b    b::::::b     o::::o     o::::o         x::::::::::x
 b:::::b     b:::::b     o::::o     o::::o          x::::::::x
 b:::::b     b:::::b     o::::o     o::::o          x::::::::x
 b:::::b     b:::::b     o::::o     o::::o         x::::::::::x
 b:::::bbbbbb::::::b     o:::::ooooo:::::o        x:::::xx:::::x
 b::::::::::::::::b      o:::::::::::::::o       x:::::x  x:::::x
 b:::::::::::::::b        oo:::::::::::oo       x:::::x    x:::::x
 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb           ooooooooooo        xxxxxxx      xxxxxxx

(at this domain)
  1. Heh, and it only took me ~3 decades to realize this.