How to install low dependency Let's Encrypt client

A quick post detailing how to install client that requires very little (besides sudo, curl, openssl, and a few shell scripting basics).

Upgrading SSL (TLS) on Kerio Workspace 2.1.4

A whirlwind tour through upgrading a legacy Tomcat application to support modern TLSv1.3 protocol.

Three commands to make serial console awesome

A quick note how to enjoy serial console much more than in default setup.

Replacing pkexec with sudo

A quick note how to replace pkexec with sudo. Which grew out of my dislike of all things systemd, but is somewhat more relevant with CVE-2021-4034.

Configuring IPv6 on EdgeRouter for Fiber7 and PiHole

A quick note how to configure IPv6 for Fiber7 on an EdgeRouter when you also run your own PiHole (thus can't use DNS servers from the prefix delegation)