BEAMitude: What if times out?

In this article I deep dive into a simple question: what happens with a client mailbox when GenServer call times out (and client traps the exit). Spoiler alert: what Erlang/OTP version do you run?

Getting Erlang's observer working on Alpine Linux

A quick how to guide to get Erlang's observer correctly running on Alpine Linux via ssh X11 forwarding.

Rethinking number formatting

How does one design API for number formatting in an understandable way? Because sprintf() isn't it.

How to call renameat2 syscall in Ruby

Short post about the fascinating journey to discover how to call renameat2 syscall in Ruby in a somewhat portable way... and why one might want to do such a thing.

Controlling fan speed the right way

I'm exploring some of the ways to control fan speed on Linux, notably including the (IMO) right one.