Streaming Bluetooth Capture Data to Wireshark without Btsnoop Net Support Enabled

How to fix missing Btsnoop Net support in one's Android; like a boss.

Yamaha YAS-207's Bluetooth protocol: basic recon

Basic reconnaisance of the Bluetooth interface of YAS-207, with boatload of failed plans and dashed hopes thrown in as a bonus.

Reversing the Yamaha YAS-207 infrared remote protocol

The arduous journey to reverse a simple infrared remote.

Multi-weekend project intro: Putting the fear of AirPlay into Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar

Intro of a new multi-weekend project to reverse engineer remote control of YAS-207, and (hopefully) make a superb AirPlay speaker out of it.

Comparison of USB Bluetooth adapters in Linux

Quick comparison of 4 different USB Bluetooth adapters vs. Debian stable.