Reversing Yamaha SR-C20A [by Michael Obst]

A quick link to a reverse engineering of Yamaha SR-C20A project by Michael Obst that's inspired by my YAS-207 reversing series.

Engineering a better Anagrammer, part II

Second installment in the "improve anagrammer" for blood, sweat, and tears. And maybe profit.

Fixing grub 2.06 "error: verification requested but nobody cares"

This article explains how I fixed grub 2.06 breakage of my secure boot setup which I described in an earlier post.

Engineering a better Anagrammer, part I

A long-winded history of an anagrammer project that spans a few decades. And a description of a quest to engineer a "better" implementation of the anagram solver.

Beating procrastination with these 4 simple (but hard) techniques

A dive into the techniques I tend to apply when I'm stuck (paralyzed) with procrastination.