Designing a curtain rod holder for 3D printing in Fusion 360

I was asked to mount a curtain rod on a beautiful hard wood bed from Domestav that’s in the kids’ room.

Unfortunately the vendor supplied contraption to mount the rod is supposed to be drilled into the beautiful wood:

original holder

which to me is a sacrilege.

So I decided to instead design and 3D print a part that could be attached using a double-sided tape. Therefore, it was Fusion360 time:





And this time the model pretty much worked on the first try:

my holder

although I had to do some post-processing1 because the slot_clearance should have been bigger.

In comparison with the original, I think that mine is obviously prettier:


And in the end, here’s the glamour shot:

glamour shot

The design as well as the STL files (holder, lock) are freely available under CC – BY NC SA license2.

  1. As in: filing down the holder part slightly, and using a bit of silicone oil to get it to slide really well.

  2. The non-commercial bit because I don’t want to get into hot water with Autodesk since my license is the free hobbyist one.