Designing a 3d-printed anti-gravity pen holder

We have these handy Fisher space pens for a long time. But it always bugged me that there’s no easy way to hang them on the fridge (which is convenient when I want to date tag a can/jar I just opened).

So as always, 3D printing to the rescue (interactive 3d model):

[Right here should have been an interactive 3D model.]

And couple of round neodymium magnets from later1:

glamour shot

the pen looks like it’s sort of defying gravity.

The design as well as the STL file are freely available under CC – BY NC SA license2.

  1. that’s the reason for the holes, so I could comfortably install the magnets.

  2. The non-commercial bit because I don’t want to get into hot water with Autodesk since my license is the free hobbyist one.