Yamaha YAS-207's Bluetooth protocol: first real progress

Finally I'm getting the bluetooth communication dump. Watch me automate the process. Failboats included free of charge.

Streaming Bluetooth Capture Data to Wireshark without Btsnoop Net Support Enabled

How to fix missing Btsnoop Net support in one's Android; like a boss.

Yamaha YAS-207's Bluetooth protocol: basic recon

Basic reconnaisance of the Bluetooth interface of YAS-207, with boatload of failed plans and dashed hopes thrown in as a bonus.

Reversing the Yamaha YAS-207 infrared remote protocol

The arduous journey to reverse a simple infrared remote.

Multi-weekend project intro: Putting the fear of AirPlay into Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar

Intro of a new multi-weekend project to reverse engineer remote control of YAS-207, and (hopefully) make a superb AirPlay speaker out of it.