Replacing pkexec with sudo

A quick note how to replace pkexec with sudo. Which grew out of my dislike of all things systemd, but is somewhat more relevant with CVE-2021-4034.

Configuring IPv6 on EdgeRouter for Fiber7 and PiHole

A quick note how to configure IPv6 for Fiber7 on an EdgeRouter when you also run your own PiHole (thus can't use DNS servers from the prefix delegation)

Fixing memif's poor performance in a VPP tutorial

A quick note how to fix poor memif performance in the Progressive VPP Tutorial setup

BEAMitude: What if times out?

In this article I deep dive into a simple question: what happens with a client mailbox when GenServer call times out (and client traps the exit). Spoiler alert: what Erlang/OTP version do you run?

Getting Erlang's observer working on Alpine Linux

A quick how to guide to get Erlang's observer correctly running on Alpine Linux via ssh X11 forwarding.