How to avoid having ssh mangle spaces in command-line args

A quick note about two small ruby scripts I wrote sometime in 2010, and thought nothing of... until I read recent Hackaday article.

Parallelize batch runs with style

A simple recipe to make batch runs (YT downloads and other tasks) run with a bit more style.

How to split a big XCI/NSP file to store it on a FAT32

A quick summary on how to split up a big XCI/NSP file so it fits within the 4GB file size limit on FAT32 and is still installable via DBI.

Parallelize YouTube downloads

A quick note how to combine three basic shell utils (and yt-dlp) to massively parallelize YouTube playlist download.

Making SVD-Loader for Ghidra play nice with RP2040

How I spent a few hours to vastly improve SVD-Loader for Ghidra, to play nice with RP2040's Atomic Register Access.