6 burning questions for the self-proclaimed blockchain singularity (dfinity)

A brief look at yet another blockchain thing that will save the world. Or not.

Putting an old digital clock (with an outdoor thermometer) on steroids

I'm upgrading an old digital clock with an outdoor temperature sensor (that broadcasts over 434 MHz) to a custom temperature measurement source – a (set of) Ruuvi Tags.

Yamaha YAS-207 vs. Shairport Sync over TOSLINK

In this post I talk how to wire together the remote control for YAS-207 and Shairport Sync, on a Raspberry Pi with a TOSLINK output.

Yamaha YAS-207's Minimal Client (and a Soundbar Fake)

In this post I talk about a path to a minimal Ruby-based client (and a soundbar fake for testing).

Yamaha YAS-207's Bluetooth protocol reversed

In this post I'm going to (finally!) dive into reversing the protocol. Start to finish.