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A whirlwind tour through the bucket-load of fail that is Urbit.

How to make a USB cable for APC Smart-UPS SC450RMI1U

A rather in-depth explanation how to make an USB cable for an APC Smart-UPS. The resulting cable is neat, and compatible with normal serial cables.

Setting up secure boot with fully encrypted filesystems on Alpine Linux

This article explains how to install Alpine Linux on a Supermicro server, with a fully encrypted filesystems (yes, including /boot) and harden the boot sequence against an evil maid attack.

Fixing IKEA Trofast lid with a simple 3d model

Continuing with the theme of simple 3D models created in Fusion 360, here’s one quick mod for IKEA Trofast. We use these boxes for storage, and it sort of bugged...

Cracking the three.js object fitting (to camera) nut

Tl;dr This article explains both backstory and solution for fitting an object within a Perspective camera in three.js library. In other words, how far to pull back a camera on...