Fixing IKEA Trofast lid with a simple 3d model

Continuing with the theme of simple 3D models created in Fusion 360, here’s one quick mod for IKEA Trofast.

We use these boxes for storage, and it sort of bugged me that there’s a hole at the top of the lid (that lets dust in):

original state

Well, it didn’t take long to whip up a simple cover in Fusion:

[Right here should have been an interactive 3D model.]

And after about 30 minutes of printing time, the result is actually reasonably good:

glamor shot

And not only it fits snugly:

glamor close up

but it also allows the lid to be grabbed by the “cork”, superseding the original hole.

As always, the design as well as the STL file are freely available under CC – BY NC SA license1.

  1. The non-commercial bit because I don’t want to get into hot water with Autodesk since my license is the free hobbyist one.