How cryptocurrencies keep going to the moon


In this highly technical post I’ll explain how the cryptocurrencies went to the moon these past few weeks:

eth price action Ethereum price action


It is rather simple, really. Highly technical, true, but simple:

cryptocurrencies going to the moon The way cryptocurrencies went to the moon these past ~2 weeks; img attribution below


The idea

It actually comes from a joke I overheard:

I’m starting to think that the moon must be on the opposite side of Earth presently.

Because all the cryptos are hell bent on “going to the moon” through dirt this afternoon. (Morning for you US folks)

Actually it looks a lot like a blood bath. :-)

hot cryptos

gainers cryptos

losers cryptos

The post’s author did not elaborate on the meaning of the screenshots. Nevertheless, I find the categories depicted above rather amusing.

The images

My panel above is composed of several pictures:

Closing words

Yes, it is very childish of me. But I got to demonstrate my superb artistic skillz. That has to be worth something.

Speaking of worth, I should make an NFT out of this, right?