Bookmarklets & CSS guides

Toggle (activate/deactivate) document's stylesheets
Hide 468 x 60 Banners
Hide All Images
Stop Music
View Tables
View Divs
Display Images
Statusbar Shows URL


zoom images in
zoom images out
linked images
remove redirects
hide visited links
search links
linked pages
make numbered list of links
go to referrer
google site search
google site search: all
google site search: title


Page freshnes (date/time of last modification)
Show robots.txt for this Domain
ROT13 Encoder/Decoder
Page Color...
Set background to white
Clear background (removes bgImage, too)
LynxView of the document
View HTPP headers (in new window)
Set background color (with prompt)
View HTPP transaction
Number of links
List all links
List e-mail links
List all images
View all scripts
Create comparing windows (horizontal)
Create comparing windows (vertical)
Execute JavaScript Code
Display Properties of Object
AutoFill Anonymous
Confidence Booster
Valentine (ASCII)
Valentine (Symbol font)