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How to upload certificate to DRAC4

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I stumbled upon a problem when uploading certificate to Dell Remote Access Card 4/I (DRAC4). I always got:

Description: Security error - the certificate could not be uploaded
Errorrcode: 0x000A0004

even though I was uploading Base64-encoded (PEM) certificate.

I thought about it for a while ... and I found out what's wrong.

The solution

Even though it took me a while to figure it out, it couldn't be more simple. :-(

You have to:

It's quite simple. For example, you can use vim editor to do that. Just open the file (vim your.crt) and type:

:set ff=dos

and then save it (:x).


I decided to post this how-to to help all the people asking google the same question I asked when I first ran into this problem.

I hope it will be useful to you.

Btw, I tested it just on two PowerEdges 2850 and one PE1850, so YMMV.