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(A better) Solution visualizer for EternityII puzzle

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Update: 2008-04-28

Well, since went under water and since I was asked how to display partial boards using this script one too many times, here's an updated version.

This updated package contains new visualizer that is able to display partial boards (no big deal, really) and also sample data (e2pieces.txt and e2hints.txt).

Hope it will be useful.

Now, if you solve the above mentioned file (should take just a few minutes with bruteforce solver, as it's very simple instance), please send me your result in e2hints format. Would love to include it with the package.


Here I present simple script anyone skilled enough can use to visualize his EternityII "High score" solutions from Eternity2 distributed solver.

It is just slight modification of PostScript visualizer by Ignacio Ruiz de Conejo which I've found in File area of Eternity2 Yahoo group.

Here are two samples of the visualization: first and second. Neither of those samples uses real e2pieces.txt, btw. It's just for illustration purposes.


To actually use this script, you have to have those things installed:

Where you can get the e2pieces.txt and solution.txt file? Well, first off, you have to own the EternityII puzzle. Then you have to build the e2pieces.txt file yourself. Of course, to have solution to visualize you might want to participate in Eternity2 distributed solving project. Alternatively you can create the solution by hand and code it in the e2hints.txt format (as described on the build page), which is the format used by layout-generator script.


I thought you'll never ask :-)

Here you can download the visualizer script.

Installation / Usage

You should follow the README file for the script. I'll reproduce it here.

Hi there.

To get this to work all you need is:

* shell
* ruby
* ghostscript / ghostview (gv) or any other PostScript interpreter

First copy your e2pieces.txt and solution (as result.txt) to this directory.


to display the board do:

./viz.rb e2pieces.txt result.txt | gv -

to make pdf out of it do:

./viz.rb e2pieces.txt result.txt | ps2pdf - result.pdf

Of course, I'd welcome any changes you might make ...

Just send them to me, if you feel like it.

Btw, to give credit where it's due, I got the original PostScript
generator from EternityII Yahoo group. Author of that generator
is Ignacio Ruiz de Conejo and I've kept his copyright in the
output of my script. My part is just the adaptation needed to
display results with minimal fuss.


With a little bit of effort (getting 2 software packages installed and one simple command-line call) you can visualize your Eternity2 solutions using this script.

Of course, if you have trouble getting it to work, drop me a line, I'll see what I can do. You'll find my e-mail in the downloadable archive (I get more than my fair share of spam already which is why I don't post it here).

Michal S. aka Wejn